Carrier: 1 Ship, 5,000 Stories DVD

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In the middle of the ocean, a thousand miles from nowhere, a floating city rises above the sea. Twenty-four stories high, three football fields long, carrying 5,000 sailors and marines and 85 military aircraft - this is the USS Nimitz.

From May to November 2005, a team of documentary filmakers embedded aboard the USS Nimitz as it deployed to the Persian Gulf in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Given unprecedented access, the filmmakers captured over 1,600 hours of high definition footage. The result is a raw and honest look at the United States navy and its role at a critical turning point in the controversial war. As Captain Ted Branch says, "This is a fine ship. A great one. But the heart and soul of a ship is not steel - its the crew." With startling intimacy, Carrier follows a core group of subjects from the Admiral to the strike group to the elite fighter pilots to the junior enlisted as they navigate personal conflicts around their jobs, family, faith, patriotism, and the rites of passage - all against the extoridinary backdrop of the war in Iraq.

Format: DVD (3 Discs) widescreen (NTSC)

Run time: 10 hours

Features: Carrier Featurette and Deleted Scenes

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